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Values and Vision

Tim’s Story

Although there are many other financial advisors and financial planners that are available to serve you, I believe my unique background has motivated my team and me to provide thoughtful, individualized, and values-based financial advice. I grew up in a home with parents who took care of me; however, that home was not financially stable, and this resulted in an enormous amount of financial related stress. This stress manifested itself in a variety of negative ways. Money was always tight and always an unpleasant subject. I was 17 years old when, in the midst of all these ongoing difficulties, my father lost his job. I vowed that I would never put myself in that position, and that I would be financially independent.

Over time, I have learned that many people in all economic strata suffer from financial stress as well. My own experiences and knowledge of others’ difficulties left an indelible mark on me. It gave me the desire and conviction to work with families to help them pursue financial success. I do not want other people to go through the struggle that my family did, and I do not want financially successful people to lose what they already have.

The vision of this business is to employ thoughtful, value-based planning to help people protect what they already have, multiply their investments, pass some to the next generation, and hopefully plan for giving a portion to charity. My passion for this business, born from my personal experience, is what makes my firm unique. On behalf of our whole team here at O'Connor Wealth Management, I appreciate the opportunity to serve you.